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4 Simple Ways To Be Proactive About Fire Safety

Fire extinguisher

fire alarm inspections in atlantaDid you know that about 55% of medical facility fires were caused by confined cooking? No matter the cause, a fire in a hospital or another medical building can have particularly devastating consequences. That’s why taking the proper precautions is important no matter what type of building you own. To keep your house, luxury yacht, medical facility, or restaurant kitchen safe from fire hazards, make sure to do the following regularly:

  1. Extinguishers
    If you are cooking a delicious meal and you walk away for a minute, but when you come back you find that the towel you just wiped your hands with caught fire from the burner and has spread to the roll of paper towels and it’s all out of control, you’ll probably wish you had a fire extinguisher handy. All public buildings have accessible fire extinguishers for a very good reason; they stop things from getting out of control. No matter the setting, no matter the fire suppression systems you already have in place, you need fire extinguishers at the ready.
  2. Fire Alarm System
    Fire alarms are necessary early warning systems for when a fire starts in your sleep or you are upstairs and haven’t felt the heat yet. It is important to have regular fire alarm inspections in Atlanta’s commercial district as well. To prevent entire apartment complexes going up in flames, having a fire inspector check that your alarm hasn’t malfunctioned can save lives. How would you know if your fire alarm stopped working? You would just have to assume it’s in working order. Instead of making potentially fatal assumptions, get your fire alarm inspections in Atlanta done on a regular basis.
  3. Fire Sprinkler Maintenance
    Hospitals and warehouses and anywhere else that uses a ceiling sprinkler system should also have them regularly checked for signs of failure. That said, out of all the places that could be on fire, a building with fire sprinkles is among the safest.
  4. Fire Safety Education
    If you don’t have a fire extinguisher to put out a kitchen grease fire, what do you do? If you said to spray it with the sink hose, then your house just burned down. Water on a grease fire causes flaming grease to fly everywhere, resulting in more fire. American fire safety education isn’t the worst in the world, but it could use improvement. Take a fire safety course to expand your knowledge, but also arrange education for your tenants or employees.

Whatever type of building you are in, it must have a functioning fire safety protocol. This is to keep you and everyone else safe. Call today for quick fire alarm inspections in Atlanta for your first step towards fire safety.







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