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4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Inspect Your Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm

fire alarm inspectionIt’s easy to think that once you’ve passed the point of routine fire alarm installation, that all is well and your business is safe and protected from fires all the time. However, many people tend to neglect the critical importance of routine fire alarm inspections and can oftentimes find themselves paying the price. Just counting the fires in hotels and motels, around 15 deaths and 150 injuries are caused each year. It’s essential to have your alarm system inspected regularly and here are four reasons why.

  1. It Will Save Lives
    As mentioned above, too many injuries and deaths can be caused by a fire that is not properly handled. If allowed to blaze out of control, many more people could get hurt or killed. But if your alarm system is completely functional after a quality testing and inspection, you could drastically lower the risk of people getting hurt from the flames.
  2. It Will Save Your Business
    The sheer power and destruction of an out of control fire can do more than hurt people. Even if everyone is evacuated safely, the fire can still cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your business as it burns. Fire protection services, if notified by a working alarm, are able to contain the blaze to a much smaller area, drastically reducing the damage a fire can do and saving you money.
  3. It Will Ensure Insurance Coverage
    In that same vein of saving you money, fire alarm inspection is important in order to benefit from your business’s insurance. Many insurance companies won’t cover any fire damage caused to your building if you are unable to show that you have had your fire alarm systems properly maintained and inspected.
  4. It Will Help You Avoid Legal Problems
    Neglecting your fire alarm systems for too long can end up coming back to hurt you in the form of lawsuits. Workers, visitors, tenants, and any other person involved in a potential fire may sue you for any injuries they sustained during the incident. The longer a fire is allowed to burn out of control, the higher the risk of people becoming injured.

The safety of your business and employees is a huge priority. Just because a fire alarm system is in place doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable to damage caused by a fire. Like all tools and equipment used in a business, they require routine maintenance in order to function properly. It’s vital you get your systems checked to ensure the future of your business.

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