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3 Tips to Maintaining Your Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinkler

fire alarm monitoringYour commercial building needs around the clock fire protection and having someone watch the building all night isn’t going to cut it. Fire alarm monitoring and professional sprinkler systems are essential to keeping your building safe from fire. Yet, if your systems aren’t being well maintained or aren’t functioning as they should, then you aren’t receiving the proper safety measures that you should be.

To keep your building safe from fire, here are a few tips for maintaining your fire sprinkler system.

Don’t modify equipment

In order for your sprinkler system and fire alarm systems to function properly, you need to ensure that they are not adjusted or altered in any way. If you manage a hotel, then it’s imperative that guests do not tamper with any of the fire protection systems in place. If your building is going through a remodel then you will need to make sure that all systems remain intact and in place. It’s also essential that these systems don’t get painted, particularly the sprinkler heads. Any of these alterations can drastically decrease the effectiveness or responsiveness of your fire protection systems.

Don’t let the building get too cold

Typically, keeping your building cool during the summertime heat isn’t a detrimental aspect of maintaining your fire protection systems. However, keeping your building warm during the winter months is. If you live in an area that experiences relatively cold winters, you will want to ensure that the building retains a temperature of at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is particularly true if you have a wet sprinkler system.

Regular inspections

Just as you would take your car to get serviced every so often, you want to do the same with your fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler inspections can help determine if your systems are of an adequate shape to function as they should or if there are fire sprinkler repairs that need to be completed.

If you’re worried about your other systems, such as your alarm, opting for fire alarm monitoring through your fire protection company can maintain your system. No matter what type of commercial building you own, it’s important to have proper systems in place. Confined cooking fires, for example, account for 55% of fires in medical facilities. Having the right systems in place combined with proper maintenance can keep your building safe.

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