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3 Things to Do Before a Fire Alarm System Installation

fire alarm system installation

Having a reliable fire detection and alarm system is crucial for the safety of your employees, inventory, and building. Seconds count and knowing you are protected in the case of an emergency brings great peace of mind.

There are many variables that go into these systems and it pays to gather all the facts before making the investment.

Read on for 3 key points to consider before setting up your fire alarm system installation.

1. Research and Understand All the Codes

Each state has established fire safety codes. These codes cover everything from the location of the system, how it is installed, testing, inspection, and routine maintenance. You need to be very familiar with these codes and how they pertain to your site.

There are still other codes to consider. Are there specific building safety codes or local requirements for your area? What does your insurance policy say about installing alarm and fire systems?

These facts should all be gathered and understood prior to looking into which system would best serve your needs. You do not want to shop blindly and end up with something that does not meet all the requirements.

2. Obtain Quality Quotes

There are many fire alarm system installation companies willing to give you a quote, but part of your research should be finding a company with a good reputation. Ask for, and then read, reviews and recommendations before requesting an actual quote.

During the quoting process, be prepared to ask questions. Find out details on how the system operates and specific features. What additional protections and safeguards does it offer your business?

Fire alarm system installation cost can include more than just the initial set up. Do you want the system to have full-time monitoring? Will this be an extra expense? Are you buying the equipment outright, or leasing it? What type of sprinkler system do you need?

Knowing the right questions to ask will help you obtain a fair and accurate quote the first time around.

3. Have a Fire Safety Plan

It isn’t just enough to have a fire detection and alarm system installation. There also needs to be a fire safety plan that everyone is familiar with.

Fire escape routes should be clearly posted. Have practice drills so everyone knows what to do in the panic of the real thing. Make sure several individuals who know how to operate the fire extinguishers.

There should also be a plan for communicating when everyone is out of the building. Have certain people designated to count and report for their group to ensure no one is left inside.

Work to eliminate fire hazards in and around the building. Never overload circuits. Have good housekeeping rules so there is not a build-up of combustible materials such as rags, cardboard, or paper. Store all flammable material appropriately.

Fire Alarm System Installation: Know the Facts

The safety of your employees and business investment is always at the forefront of your mind. A fire event can be devastating.

The key to minimizing the damage is a quality fire alarm system installation through an experienced and reputable company.

For information on how we can partner with you for the best fire and alarm safety systems, please reach out for a quote







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