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3 Fire Safety Tips for Your Properties

Fire sprinkler

As a property manager, your main job is to keep your building and everyone inside it as safe as possible. That’s why it’s essential that you focus on commercial fire protection. In cases of hotel and motel fires, there are approximately 150 injuries and 15 deaths every single year.

Here are a few fire protection tips that should help every property manager.

Pay Attention to Local Fire Codes

The first thing you should do in most property management cases is to learn the rules and regulations pertaining to fire safety in your area. You have to legally stay in line with all the local ordinances and fire codes to ensure that you, your building, and all your tenants are safe. If you are unaware of the codes and are not sure if your property or properties comply with the necessary codes, you might want to contact a local fire inspector and have them inspect the area in question.

Contact a Fire Sprinkler Installer

Obviously, accidents happen. No matter how much effort you spend preventing fires from occurring, they can still happen in certain instances and it’s important that you at least have systems in place to minimize the damage. By working with a professional fire sprinkler installer, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your properties and all the people inside are much safer than before.

Encourage Everyone Who Enters Your Properties to Report Any Problems

There are always going to be people who think they are exceptions to any rule and will do as they please. When it comes to fire safety, this kind of behavior is unacceptable. You should stress to every tenant, employee, maintenance worker, and contractor that steps foot in any of your properties to be on the lookout for fire safety violations. If any issue is identified, they should notify you, and you should address it immediately just to be safe.

There are many important aspects of a property manager’s job, but keeping everyone safe is more important than anything else. Make sure you’re following fire safety codes, have the right equipment installed, and have your tenets report any issues. Contact United Fire Protection if you want to learn more about fire sprinkler installers, fire alarm services, or anything else related to commercial fire protection.







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