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3 Common Sprinkler System Failures in Commercial Buildings

fire sprinkler

sprinkler system repairCommercial fire protection is an important aspect for many business owners and hoteliers. Many will invest in the best fire protection services available in order to keep their employees and customers safe.

Unfortunately, many commercial building owners and operators falsely believe that once a system such as sprinklers is installed, it will do its job under any circumstance. While most sprinkler systems will operate as intended, there are certain occasions in which they will fail.

Here are the top reasons for fire sprinkler failure in commercial buildings.

System Shutoff
According to an article in PME, 64% of sprinkler system failure occur because the system was shut off. Incidents like this can occur if the building is vacant or under construction. It can also happen if there are leaks or other issues with the system itself.

Manual Shutoff
Although these types of failures don’t happen all that often, they occur more often than most people think. This type of failure is actually the second-leading cause of sprinkler failures, according to PME. This failure occurs when either building management or fire crews manually shut off the sprinkler system after the fire starts but before the sprinklers have a chance to go off. Most of the time this happens, it is because the fire isn’t visible, or was presumed to have been put out. This type of failure also accounts for system obstructions which prevent the sprinkler’s heat sensors from triggering the release of water. If the obstruction is too close to the sprinkler head, it can also hinder the water from ever getting to the fire either.

Lack of Maintenance
This is one of the least-occurring failures, although still accounting for a notable percentage. Lack of maintenance was responsible for 44% of dry or even wet chemical system failures between 2006 and 2010. This happens when necessary sprinkler system repairs weren’t made and thus the sprinklers failed to operate. After installation, even if you don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about a fire, you should have regular maintenance on your suppression systems, as well as recurrent fire alarm inspections. Sprinkler system repairs are crucial to the continuous function of your commercial fire protection service.

Installing a fire protection system is only effective if it is routinely monitored, maintained, and repaired.

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