Fire Protection Services In Tampa

United Fire is a full service fire protection company providing routine inspection, sales, installation, maintenance, service & repair for fire sprinklers, fire alarms and fire suppression systems. With over 15 years’ experience, we are dedicated to delivering world class service to data centers, hotels, condos, commercial and industrial organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

United Fire Offers The Following Fire Protection Services:

Fire Alarm System: Installation, Inspection, Monitoring, Service & Repair

The ability to communicate with building occupants and first responders in case of a fire emergency is critical. Whether you own a data center, hotel, condominium, commercial or industrial property, a fire can be catastrophic for the occupants, the infrastructure and possessions.

Fire alarm systems are proven to save lives during a fire emergency. Warning occupants that they should evacuate the premises quickly and communicating with emergency service personnel are our number one priority.

United Fire’s NICET certified technicians will design and install a fire alarm system that meets all building and fire codes to ensure you are prepared for fire safety inspections or an actual fire. You will have the peace of mind that Emergency 24, the leader in fire alarm monitoring, is looking after your occupant’s lives and possessions 24/7. And, we don’t stop there. We will perform regular maintenance and inspections to ensure the operational integrity of your fire protection system.

Fire Sprinkler System: Installation, Inspection, Service & Repair

A fire can grow and spread to dangerous levels in a very short time frame. In fact, the smoke and toxic gases released during a fire can be as deadly as the heat and flames themselves.

Fire alarms are effective in alerting occupants of danger, but a sprinkler system works to extinguish a fire. A fire sprinkler system is essential in protecting lives and possessions during a fire emergency.  Sprinkler systems are carefully designed to activate early, containing or extinguishing the fire, and will decrease the heat, flames, smoke and gases that are produced in order to reduce further damage.

United Fire’s NICET certified technicians will design, install, inspect and maintain your fire sprinkler system so that you can effectively prevent fire deaths and property loss.

Fire Suppression System: Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Service & Repair

Valuable assets, such as mission critical technology data centers, irreplaceable historical artifacts, financial records and sensitive healthcare data, require superior protection. Loss or damage to these distinct items can be detrimental to your business continuity.

In some cases traditional fire suppression methods, such as water, can cause as much or more damage to your rare and vital property.  Clean agent suppression systems reduce this irreparable damage using fire suppression gases.

United Fire’s NICET certified technicians will design, install, inspect and maintain your clean agent fire suppression system utilizing innovative solutions such as DuPont™ FE-25™, FM200®, 3M™ Novec™ 1230  and ANSUL® INERGEN®.

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