fire sprinkler maintenance

Whether you operate your business out of an office building, run a successful hotel or restaurant, provide valuable medical care for seniors, or own a rental property, you’ll need to prioritize the safety of your employees, customers, patients, and tenants. And since half of all high-rise fires happen in these kinds of buildings, one of the best things you can do is stay on top of your fire sprinkler maintenance. By making fire sprinkler services a regular part of your routine upkeep, you can do your part to protect people in your care.

But how do you know when it’s time to do more extensive work on your system? The last thing you’d want is to find out too late that you needed fire sprinkler repairs or replacement. As part of your regular fire sprinkler maintenance, you’ll need to watch for some signs that your system needs updating. Here are just a few to keep a lookout for.

You Notice Leaks, Corrosion, or Visible Damage

Regular fire sprinkler maintenance can allow you to catch little problems before they become catastrophic, but it’s still possible that you might miss something. Therefore, inspecting your system on a regular basis is paramount. Specifically, you should look for any indications of leaks (which could be the result of a defective or damaged system, poor installation, or maintenance requirements), as well as water corrosion and deterioration (which may be accompanied by rust, discolored water, or the smell of sulfur). You should also look for any visible damage to the pipes or the sprinkler head, which could be attributed to normal usage, tampering, or vandalism. If you spot any of these problems, you’ll likely need to skip straight ahead to the repair or replacement stage.

Your Sprinkler System is Old

Even if you can’t see any obvious problems and have kept up with your fire sprinkler maintenance, it’s still possible that you’ll need to update your system in the near future. Since technology is always evolving, there are constantly new innovations in this sector. If your system is several years old, it likely won’t be outfitted with the latest features. While you might think that’s no big deal, keep in mind that the newest technology can ultimately improve overall safety due to its increased reliability and efficiency. An older system may have worked just fine in years past, but it’s not going to protect your facility as well as a state-of-the-art version today. It may be more difficult to repair, as well, considering that replacement parts may not be as readily available. Your fire protection provider can be an excellent resource here; if they feel it’s time to update your system, you should follow their advice.

Your Facility Has Changed

In some cases, your fire sprinkler system may be functioning but may no longer fit the needs of your business. If you’ve put an addition on the building, for example, or have added more staff members and switched departments around, you may need to think about updating your system. Because these adjustments may have impacted applicable fire codes, you’ll need to consult a professional to ensure that your system is up-to-date and meets protective standards. Although there may be nothing technically wrong with your system, you should still contact your provider pertaining to these updates as soon as possible.

With this knowledge in mind, you can more adequately protect your facility from fires. For more information on how our systems can help you achieve safety standards, please contact us today.