Hospital Fire Protection Services

A hospital fire safety plan must take into account the mobility issues faced by hospital patients. These patients require an added measure of assistance during a fire emergency. United Fire’s fire protection & life safety plans for hospitals uniquely address the lack of agility faced by the staff and inhabitants of a hospital building.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), patients within healthcare facilities are incapable of saving themselves. Their safety depends upon a sophisticated and effective fire protection plan combining fire alarms and life safety features with 24-hour monitoring and immediate notification of fire officials. In addition, there is a need for immediate and structured hospital staff response.

United Fire Protection will design, install, test, maintain and repair your safety systems, ensuring that your facility meets stringent NFPA and local fire codes. We are equipped to design systems for new structures or assess existing systems for upgrades.

Fire Alarms:

United Fire Protection, a full-service fire protection and life safety company, installs, tests, inspects, repairs and maintains world-class fire alarm systems designed specifically for health care facilities. Our alarm systems are a first response system for alerting hospital staff, visitors and patients in the case of a fire emergency. Our quarterly and annual fire safety inspections will provide peace of mind that your hospital facility is safe. In addition, easy access to our online reporting system allows you to instantly download or email important fire safety reports and documentation.

Fire Alarm Monitoring:

United Fire Protection’s fire alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day by our partner Emergency 24, a national leader in the emergency monitoring business. In the case of a fire emergency, Emergency 24 immediately alerts local fire emergency personnel, proper authorities at your hospital and our United Fire Protection team.

Fire Sprinklers:

Our automatic fire sprinkler systems provide your hospital with 24-hour emergency fire protection. The sprinkler systems quickly and efficiently prevent the spread of fires by extinguishing or containing them to a specific region of the hospital, allowing sufficient time for all patients and staff to vacate the premises. We also perform routine maintenance and regular inspections of your fire sprinkler system to ensure that it is in excellent working order and ready to protect your hospital and patients.

Fire Suppression:

United Fire Protection offers the most advanced fire suppression technologies available. We understand that health care facilities maintain highly valuable data and equipment that can suffer irreparable damage if exposed to water. Our fire suppression systems utilize suppression gases to extinguish and contain fire while protecting your vital possessions. We will work closely with you to design the best-fit fire suppression system to offer the highest level of protection for your facility.