fire alarm repairs

Fire alarm repairs service will ensure that your property is protected. From 2006 through 2010 it is estimated that about 44% of wet and dry chemical failures came from lack of maintenance of the system.

Faulty fire alarm systems can fail to alert occupants of the danger. Fire alarm repair service can get your system back to being a reliable system you can depend on. Unfortunately, many property owners have suffered tragedies because of failing fire alarm systems that were in disrepair.

Why Do Fire Alarm Systems Fail?

There is a wide range of reasons that fire alarm systems fail and the property owners call in one of the best fire alarm service Atlanta has to offer. Some of the problems are simple fixes, other problems are not quite that simple to fix.

One of the leading reasons a fire alarm system fails is because of the faulty fire alarm installation. In private residences, typically the detectors are placed on the ceiling, in commercial properties that may not be the best place to install the detectors.

Many hotels, restaurants, and other commercial properties have very high ceilings. The high ceiling is a great architectural feature that impresses guests. Unfortunately, if your fire alarm system is placed way up on those high ceilings, they may not respond as they should in case of a fire.

If your system is not installed correctly to reflect the size of the space that it is monitoring, you may need to have a new fire alarm system installed or have some adjustments made. An experienced fire alarm services company can solve the problem for you.

What Was In My Detector?

Sometimes, the detection equipment and other equipment are working fine and there is something else that is causing the malfunction. Small insects, dirt, dust, and grime buildup can all cause your system to malfunction.

Insects are some of the biggest culprits in sending false alarms and triggering the need for fire alarm repairs. A spider or nest of spiders can cause a lot of havoc when it comes to your fire alarm system. A technician can clean out your detectors, and get your system back online.

Safety Has to Come First

If you suspect you need fire alarm repairs, this is not something you want to wait on doing. You need to get the experts in as soon as possible. Fire alarms have been proven to save lives get your repairs and maintenance done regularly.