fire alarm inspections

Fire alarm inspections Atlanta business owners that have been in business for a while know are mandatory. It is not enough to have a state of the art fire alarm installation, you have to have fire alarm inspections to ensure those systems are working as they should.

Of course, there are other reasons you should subscribe to professional fire alarm inspections. System failures can mean your property and the occupants are not protected. A detailed inspection can unveil potential problems. Fire alarm repairs can be carried out and restore the level of protection you need.

The Laws in Georgia

The fire marshal in Atlanta will do spot inspections of businesses, hospitals, service providers, and other properties where people meet and occupy. The inspector will check the fire alarm, fire suppression equipment, and other fire safety features to see if they are up to code.

Typically the first time a fire marshal finds that the fire protection equipment is not up to code they will issue a warning with a correction date. If you have not made the corrections by the next time that the fire marshal comes around, you can be fined, and in extreme willful violation, cases are shut down.

The fire alarm inspection plays a vital role in ensuring that should a fire erupt the alarm will sound and people will have enough time to get out of harm’s way. While it is vital to have professional fire alarm installations in all types of businesses it is especially important in buildings that have food preparation areas. 55% of fires in medical facilities start in cooking areas.

How Often Are You Required to Have Fire Alarm Inspections?

According to NFPA 72 these inspections are required annually. During the inspection, the inspector will make note of any issues and give you an opportunity to have fire alarm repair done to get your system back up to code.

Fire inspections can prove to be lifesaving. A highly operational alarm system is a must to ensure that if there is a fire, everyone can get out safely. Fire alarms can help to reduce the risk of property damage and the loss of life. Get your inspections done annually from a trusted source.