fire protection service

Many business owners do not give enough thought to fire protection services. Of course, restaurants and other businesses that have on-site cooking facilities do, but other businesses can get complacent.

Preventing a tragedy starts with multi-layered fire protection services. Even if you do not think your business is at risk of fire, you should still talk to a professional fire protection company about what fire protection services may be necessary.

The Statistics

You don’t have to have a kitchen in your establishment to be at risk of losing it all in a fire. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, fire departments respond to over three thousand office fires each year.

Those estimated three thousand fires cost about $112 million in damages. Of course, the next question is, “What can cause a fire when there is not a kitchen area?” The answers can be very surprising to many business owners.

In businesses other than restaurants or establishments that prepared food, the causes of the fires include:

  • Malfunctioning electrical equipment
  • Intentionally set fires (21% of the time the fires were set intentionally)
  • Electrical wiring

No establishment is safe from the threat of fire. Most business fires occur between 7 am and 7 pm when the building is occupied. Fire protection services that included sprinkler systems effectively contained the fire to the room that it started in 88% of the time.

Well-maintained fire protection equipment (about 44% of fire protection systems failures are related to a lack of maintenance on the system) can help to minimize damage and ensure everyone gets out. Connecting with fire protection companies that offer a complete range of fire protection services is vital for every business’s safety.

Multi-Layered Fire Protection Services Can Save Lives

According to the statistics on business fires, 61% of the time the business was occupied. Alert systems like fire alarms and fire monitoring can get people out of harm’s way faster. When it comes to trusted fire protection, Atlanta business owners have found the right services can reduce injuries and fatalities from fire.

The right multi-layered approach cannot prevent fires from happening, but it can prevent tragedies from happening. Of courses, taking every step that you can to protect your business and the people in it delivers peace of mind.