fire protection companies

As a property manager, you know the importance of making sure your residents are safe. Whether you manage an office building, a hospital, or a hospitality building like a hotel, you are responsible for the lives within your building. Every property manager needs to be aware of fire protection companies that can help guard your building against the dangers of potentially fatal fires. Here are four reasons every property manager needs to work with a fire protection agency:

Fire Protection Companies Work in Many Industries

Industrial fire protection extends beyond just healthcare facilities. Every year, hotels and motels suffer approximately 15 deaths and 150 injuries due to fires. Commercial fire protection services exist to keep guests, residents, employees, and additional personnel safe in the event of a catastrophic fire. Fire protection is a service you want to trust to professional fire protection companies like United Fire, not something you want to skirt around until you experience a tragedy.

Keep Your Fire Alarms in Check

Fire alarms and fire sprinklers in industrial settings save lives. The combined efforts of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems could result in all industrial buildings reducing the overall injuries, fatalities, and property damage by at least 50%. Keeping these systems up and running the specialty of fire protection companies who will not only supervise your fire alarm installation but will also keep the alarms and sprinklers operational.

Regular Maintenance is a Must

Fire safety is not something you can have installed once and never check again. Regular fire alarm maintenance and sprinkler system repair is essential for the protection of your building and the people who live or work in it. The top four properties that account for half of all high-rise fires are apartments, hotels, offices, and patient-care facilities, such as hospitals. Working with fire protection companies that keep your fire alarm systems working properly will help you keep your property away from the risk of becoming a statistic.

Constant Surveillance

Maintaining a fire alarm and sprinkler system is a lot of work. Fire protection companies are designed to not only install your fire protection system but also constantly monitor your system so that it doesn’t experience any malfunctions that could hurt people in the building. You want surveillance and experience you can trust, not just someone who periodically checks your system to make sure it’s in good working order.

An industrial fire protection service does so much more than install the fire alarm; they also keep watching the system to make sure it never lets you down. If you don’t have a reliable fire protection company on hand, contact our team today. By requesting a quote, you’re one step closer to saving the lives of the people who live or work within your property.